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Our product

Right from the start, our vision has been to constantly simplify and improve the efficiency of our clients’ group accounting, consolidation and analysis work. To do this, we provide a system that is simpler, faster and more transparent than other products on the market. The latest version of our software and solution for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is called AARO18.

The system is supplied as a turnkey basic package ready to be installed and used immediately. This gives a complete toolkit and supports all central CPM processes:

  • Group reporting and group accounting.
  • Financial control and analysis.
  • Simulations and re-calculations.
  • Planning, budgeting, forecasting.

AARO can be integrated with external data sources and can thereby make the process from reporting to analysis and presentation completely automatic – including documentation to be presented to management and the Board.

AARO is a complete toolkit to facilitate and develop your work methods, and is designed for big, medium-sized and small businesses, which gives you a system to grow and change in, and which you administrate completely independently.

Powerful analytical tool

With AARO, data immediately become available to the entire organisation thanks to the powerful consolidation engine. AARO ensures that all data is available for analysis even when there are changes in the very last minutes of the closing process.

In AARO, only one (1) consolidation takes place, which covers both the legal and external group accounting and the operational and internal follow-up. This means that you never need to spend time on reconciling any differences that may occur between them. In AARO, the legal and operational reporting and follow-up always match.

In addition to legal group closing, you can follow up an optional number of operational, financial or non-financial terms and key ratios that are specific to your particular operations. This gives a unique opportunity to follow up a number of operational concepts using a single model. The concept can include everything from products, customers and markets to HR and environmental statistics.

Want to know more?

Contact us for a demo. We will be pleased to call on you and listen, and tell you how AARO can improve the efficiency of group reporting and analytical work in your business.