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Support manual

Version 18

Version 17

Version 16

Version 15

Version 14

AARO 14.0 User Manual


AARO Excel Connectivity 14.0 User Manual


Version 12

AARO 12.0 User Manual


AARO Excel Connectivity 12.0 User Manual

Version 11

AARO 11.0 User Manual


Version 10

AARO 10.0 User Manual


AARO Training Manual for End-Users
(a walkthrough of the application, as used in the reporting process, from a typical end-user’s perspective, with practical examples)


AARO Guidelines

AARO User Guidelines


Our AARO education courses are held in Swedish or English. For further information regarding our education programmes and training courses, please email utbildning@aaro.se.

Our current training courses are listed here Training program.

Consulting Services

To contact one of our consultants, please call +46 8-505 930 00.